A Breathtaking Fusion of Irish Dance and Magic


Celtic Illusion cleverly infuses electrifying modern Irish Dance with mind-blowing magic. The spectacular stage show with heart racing music, grand illusions is a sensory experience like no other ensuring audiences will be kept on the edge of their seats. Don’t miss your chance to see Celtic Illusion live at the Cairns Convention Centre on Friday March 17th 2017.

A Breathtaking Fusion of Irish Dance and Magic2017-05-25T17:20:29+10:00

ANR Conference Legacy


ANR Conference Legacy The Advances in Neuroblastoma Research Conference (ANR) held last week, not only delivered more the $2.2m in direct economic benefit to Cairns, but on Friday a live global webcast of presentations was provided for parents of children with neuroblastoma, a form of childhood brain cancer. The session was a rare opportunity [...]

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Frenchy – ‘World’s Worst Adult’


Frenchy - ‘World’s Worst Adult’ With over 200 million views and 1.5 million fans on social media, it’s fair to say Internet sensation Frenchy is on fire, and his audiences just keep begging for more! In 2016 Frenchy is back with his brand new solo show and his finest hour yet. Frenchy is coming [...]

Frenchy – ‘World’s Worst Adult’2017-05-25T17:20:29+10:00