Ease Of Stay in Cairns

Cairns makes life easy. From beautiful weather, a great range of accommodation and easy transport, we’ve got you covered.


What transport & access options are available?

Short Answer:

Easy international & local options!

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What kind of accommodation does Cairns offer?

Short Answer:

Huge variety for all budgets!

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What kind of climate does Cairns usually have?

Short Answer:

Perfect all year round!

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CAIRNS CLIMATE – It Doesn’t Get Any Better

Cairns has a tropical climate, with generally warm summers and mild dry winters. The majority of Cairn’s rainfall occurs during summer between January and March.

The tropics have uniform temperatures throughout the year. Dress is informal and relaxed and smart casual clothes are acceptable almost universally with possibly a light jacket for evening wear.

What Time Of Year Will You Be Visiting Cairns?

(Dec – Feb)

Avg Minimum
Avg Maximum

(Mar – May)

Avg Minimum
Avg Maximum

(Jun – Aug)

Avg Minimum
Avg Maximum

(Sept – Nov)

Avg Minimum
Avg Maximum

Mean Daily Minimum 23.7 °C

Mean Daily Maximum 31.4 °C

Mean Daily Minimum 23.8 °C

Mean Daily Maximum 31.2 °C

Mean Daily Minimum 23.0 °C

Mean Daily Maximum 30.5 °C

Mean Daily Minimum 21.6 °C

Mean Daily Maximum 29.2 °C

Mean Daily Minimum 19.9 °C

Mean Daily Maximum 27.6 °C

Mean Daily Minimum 17.8 °C

Mean Daily Maximum 25.9 °C

Mean Daily Minimum 17.0 °C

Mean Daily Maximum 25.7 °C

Mean Daily Minimum 17.4 °C

Mean Daily Maximum 26.5 °C

Mean Daily Minimum 18.6 °C

Mean Daily Maximum 28.0 °C

Mean Daily Minimum 20.6 °C

Mean Daily Maximum 29.5 °C

Mean Daily Minimum 22.3 °C

Mean Daily Maximum 30.6 °C

Mean Daily Minimum 23.4 °C

Mean Daily Maximum 31.4 °C
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There is an extensive choice of world-class accommodation in the heart of the City within minutes walking distance of the Cairns Convention Centre.

You can choose from over 7,000 hotel rooms from luxury, deluxe, budget and apartment accommodation to suit every budget and expectation.

Please download the free Cairns Region Accommodation Guide to help you with your stay.

Quality accommodation at affordable prices

CAIRNS TRANSPORT & ACCESS – Easy international & local options

Cairns International Airport is Australia’s gateway to the Asia Pacific and is located only 10 minutes from the heart of the city.

There are direct international flights to Cairns from Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Bali, Manila, Auckland and Port Moresby, providing excellent connectivity to the rest of the world. Seasonal flights from Shanghai, Guangzhou and Seoul are in addition to direct domestic flights from all major Australian cities.

The Cairns Airport has a full range of car hire, limousine, taxi and bus transfer options for the short journey to your accommodation.

Airline access from anywhere in the world