//Cairns CBD Power Outage

Cairns CBD Power Outage

In relation to the loss of power in Cairns CBD,  the Convention Centre wishes to advise that…

“The Centre does have an appropriate emergency power supply which kicked in yesterday when the main source failed, enabling it to provide essential emergency services and to facilitate a safe egress of patrons.

“But yesterday’s problem which the Cairns Post quotes Ergon Energy as saying is related to a faulty underground cable impacting 300 customers in the CBD, was unforeseen and outside of the control and influence of the venue itself.

“Our recollection is that external experts initially undertook a risk analysis as to whether the Centre needed its own external power generation system. It was determined that the certainty of supply in Australia, especially with Government owned distribution and on a cost-benefit basis , additional duplicated generation  was not required.

“Our observation based on 20 years’ experience in operating the Centre, is that yesterday’s power supply failure to the whole Cairns CBD was a very unusual circumstance and probably confirms that initial advice.

“The reason large venues don’t normally have permanent generators onsite is the enormously high costs associated with operating and maintaining them. In this case, it would have had to be large enough to meet all mechanical, electrical and technical services in the building including the huge production requirements associated with televising NBL games.

“If venue hirers specifically request additional back-up power to meet over and above requirements, we are always happy to source and provide, at their cost. Most hirers don’t factor that into their planning because of the cost and that the venue has a generally reliable power supply. But we’re not currently aware of any other venues that host NBL or similar types of events that have installed complete duplicated power generation sources.

“The Centre will be compiling a full report on yesterday’s incident once final information is available from Ergon Energy, as to precisely why the failure occurred. At the same time, we have contacted both the NBL and Cairns Taipans this morning, assuring them that the reason for the failure was not directly related to the operation of the Centre,”