//Atomic Physics World Conference

Atomic Physics World Conference 

The Cairns Convention Centre were recently proud hosts of the International Conference on Photonic Electronic and Atomic Collisions (ICPEAC).  The conference, began in New York in 1958 and has only been held in Australia twice in its near 60 year history. It is one of the two main Atomic Physics world conferences.

The Conference attracted five hundred scientists from all over the globe who work actively in the fields of collisions involving photons, electrons, ions, atoms, molecules, clusters, surfaces, and exotic particles.

The ICPEAC had a vigorous social programme, starting with a welcome reception, a public lecture of general interest and concluded with a conference dinner. The weekend break in the middle of the conference was devoted to sightseeing throughout the region. Two satellite meetings, attracting around 100 delegates, were also held in Palm Cove before and after the main Conference.